Freid Tax Services is a Winnipeg, Manitoba based company and we are extremely active in the Canadian and US Business Community. Through helping many people recover their gambling winnings, we have built an enviable reputation across North America.

ITIN Application
An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is required for any US non-resident who is trying to claim US taxes back. We have been assisting Canadians in obtaining their ITIN since 2003

Applications to renew an ITIN
The IRS is designating some ITINs to be renewed each year. They are also requiring any ITIN to be renewed if a tax return was not filed in the three previous tax years to the current tax year. We can assist you in determining if you need to renew your number and can assist with the renewal process.

Gambling Tax Filing Services
You must file a non-resident US tax return to reclaim any withheld gambling taxes from the IRS. We will prepare your return and support you through the entire process until you receive your refund.

Gambling Return Amendments
Sometimes a return is filed by another company or by a taxpayer on their own. This can result in errors being made and not only by the taxpayer but by the IRS. We can assist you in filing amendments to correct these errors, which will result in you receiving your refund.